Corporate Responsibility Research

Sociological research

Commissioned by the non-governmental organization CIDA and with the financial support of the Swedish government, for the first time in Georgia, our team conducted a corporate responsibility research of large, medium and small organizations operating in the country.

The aim of the mentioned project was to research the organizations operating in Georgia about their involvement in the implementation of corporate responsibility and sustainable development agenda.

The research methodology included both quantitative and qualitative research techniques. In the first stage, within the scope of quantitative research, we examined the target audience - 1053 large, medium and small-sized organizations registered in Tbilisi and the regions in terms of corporate responsibility.

Based on the research objectives, we conducted interviews with top managers of the organization using an extensive and complex questionnaire. We assessed the current situation in the Georgian business sector in terms of corporate responsibility in terms of small, medium and large organizations.

In the second stage, we conducted a qualitative research on the awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the involvement of companies in this regard. We conducted qualitative research through in-depth face-to-face interviews with 30 organizations representing different sizes and sectors. As a result, we determined what information the business in Georgia has about the goals of sustainable development and to what extent it is involved in their implementation.

There was no research of a similar scale on the topic of corporate responsibility in Georgia, therefore, the completed project can be used in this direction for a basic assessment of the situation.

The results of the quantitative research can be found at the link:

The results of the qualitative research can be found at the link: