The Tourism and Travel Competitiveness Index, compiled by the World Economic Forum every two years for 140 countries. It is calculated by various factors and shows the situation for the sustainable development of tourism. Countries are evaluated by 14 different criteria, which in turn consists of 90 different indicators.

The environment in the country
- Business environment
- Safety
- Healthcare and hygiene
- Human resources and labor market
- Information and communication technologies

Travel and tourism policy and current conditions
- Priority of travel and tourism
- International openness
- Competitiveness in price
- Environmental sustainability

- Air transport infrastructure
- Road and port infrastructure
- Tourism service infrastructure


Natural and cultural resources
- Natural resources
- Cultural resources and business travel


The 2019 results show that air transportation, digital connections and international openness are the main criteria that led to the increase in the average score. Europe and Asia are becoming one of the most competitive regions in the international market. It has the best cultural resources and leading infrastructure in the world (featured - land, port and tourism services infrastructure). The biggest growth rates were the competitiveness of prices, the quality of air infrastructure and the readiness of information and communication technologies. While Western, Southern and Northern Europe remain at the core of the region’s competitiveness, the Balkans and Eastern Europe are most marked by an increase in the tourism and travel competitiveness index.

Georgia ranks 68th out of 140 countries. (We were ranked 71st in 2015 and 70th in 2017.) The travel and tourism competitiveness index rose from 3.7 to 3.9. We have the highest score (6.0) in the evaluation in terms of health and hygiene and safety criteria. We have the lowest scores in natural resources (2.4) and cultural resources, business travel (1.5) and air infrastructure (2.5). Georgia in 2019 thought of the most improved result in the category of tourism infrastructure and moved from 70th to 41st place.

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